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Shiba Stories ~ Remington

It's time for week 5 of Shiba Stories! A shiba blog where we interview a shiba inu owner and ask them questions about their little fur friend! The goal of these interviews is to help people further understand, enjoy and appreciate the shiba inu breed! This week we will be looking at the little cream colored shiba inu Remington! From the instagram page @remington.shiba! Q: How did you meet your shiba? A: The breeder opened the pen, and 4 puppies came running out. One decided she was going to stare at us from the pen until the breeder carried her over to us. We were smitten with this tiny, cute little cream Shiba! Her ears were up at 5 weeks, and she...

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Shiba Stories ~ Jack

Hello Friends!      Another week, another Shiba Story! This week our interview comes from a reddit user from the r/shiba reddit group! Let's dive right in! Q: How did you meet your shiba? A: I met my Shiba about a week before my sister’s 17th birthday. My brother came home one night at something like 1 in the morning with a dog on a leash. We had never owned a dog before, and he had asked us if we would like one awhile back – but this was sudden and it had escaped from all of our memories until now. It was an exciting and somewhat nerve wracking first night with the dog, but I’m glad it happened because he’s the best...

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Japanese Cherry Blossom: A Fresh Look at the New Fashion

"The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It's a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short." - Homaro Cantu      The creator of Happy Shibe has a special connection with Japan and its beautiful nature. "It is one of the most beautiful countries on this planet...the essence of serenity!" - Co-founder of Happy Shibe LLC. It is a fact that Happy Shibe would not be what it is today without the great fan and customer base we have! Although many customers are Shiba Inu owners themselves, a majority of them...

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Shiba Stories ~ MJ

Another week, you know what that means. It's time for another Shiba Story! This week we will be looking at MJ, from the fast growing instagram page @barklikemike!😎 Q: How did you meet MJ? A: My boyfriend always wanted a Shiba Inu, and when we saw MJ, we knew he was the one. Q: How old is MJ now? A: MJ is almost five months! He was just 3 pounds when we brought him home, but now he is a hearty 10 pounds.  Q: What is MJ's personality/temperament like? A: MJ loves attention! He is so sweet and loves activity, but will stop whenever he sees a human on a walk. He loves to be pet and be told how beautiful he is. He's...

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Shiba Stories ~ Saku And Kuma

It's a new week so you know what that means. Time for another Shiba Story! This week we will be introducing to you Saku and Kuma! You can find more about and follow the adventures of these two adorable Shibas on the instagram page @mrttybo. Now let's get into the interview!   Q: Where did you meet Saku and Kuma? A: I met Saku and Kuma online on a breeders website but the first time I met them was at the airport when I picked them up for the first time. Q:How old is Saku, Kuma? A: Saku is 3 years and Kuma is 1.5 years old  Q: What are their temperaments like? A: Saku is very social and tolerant...

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