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❤️Valentine's Story Part 2 - A Shiba Short Story

Here is the continuation of the Valentine inspired story of two star-crossed Shibas and their Hoomans.

     Once upon a day there was a cute Shiba. Her name was Gloria. Very amaze. So beauty. She had a playful, caring demeanor. She loved how the Hoomans tried to chase her but couldn't catch her. 

     Gloria had many friends. She made friends of birds and squirrels. She would often visit the park to have fun! If she gathered nuts for the squirrels, they would in turn give her the random hot dogs they could meander. She played with Hoomans all the time, a little game she called 'chase'! Gloria had no home, no Hooman she belonged to.

     One day in the park there was a new lady named Martha, she came to eat her lunch. Suddenly a cute Shiba came up to her and started acting playful. "Good Doge!" Martha said! Gloria tugged on her long red coat. While the Hooman was distracted, she grabbed the ladies bag and darted off! "I smell peanuts! My little friends will love this!" Gloria though to herself.

     "Hey!" Martha exclaimed as she got up and began chasing the tricky dog. "That's my purse! I need that!" Off she ran in desperation after her belongings nearly tripping over a random Shiba sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. 

     Gloria ran and ran trying hard to loose her 'tail', no one had ever chased her this long before. She found some cover behind a thick row of flowers. Her pursuer shortly showed up. "Wow! Much smooth!" She whispered to herself. The lady had been replaced by another Doge like herself. He walked passed her up to a nearby window before giving up and leaving.

     Finally alone, Gloria explored the contents of her loot. The peanuts she smelled were all mushed and didn't look like peanuts at all. The birds might like the bread, but the squirrels wouldn't touch this, she reasoned, so she at it herself. Exhausted from the chase and full of a peanut butter sandwich, she fell asleep.

     She was abruptly awaken by a familiar smell. It was the smooth Doge from earlier. She witnessed him deliver the most adorably little plushy to the door. In a panic she quietly slipped away and headed back to the park. 

     "Hey! I've been looking for you! Aren't you the Doge who took my bag yesterday?" This caught Gloria off guard and her tail sinking between her legs gave her away. "Do you not have a home? Where are your tags?"



     Fred had a heart shaped box and a bouquet of red roses with baby's breath in his hands and sighed. "I better leave them behind for now." Peter stayed in the car while his Hooman walked up to the door and knocked.

     *sniff, sniff* "Cute Shiba?" Peter exclaimed as his ears perked up. He looked out the car window toward the pale blue house in anticipation. As soon as the door opens, a friendly Shiba pops out to welcome Fred. "Oh! You have a dog? Mines in the car, maybe they will want to play? ", he suggest. 

     As soon as the car door opens, Peter burst out with flowers in mouth. He shyly walks up to cute Shiba and introduces himself, dropping the flowers at the ladies feet. "Hi, my name is Peter, what is your name?" "I go by Gloria", she replied blushing. 

     Martha picks up the flowers, "Are these for me?" "Well...." Fred stutters. 

     Peter shouted, "What are you doing here? I thought you lived in another part of town!"

     Gloria replied,"Well, this is my new home, I hadn't lived in a house for a long time since this gentle lady took me in. Even after I stole her purse she was kind to me! In fact the day I first met her was the day I first saw you..."

     Peters jaw dropped, "You mean she's the lady that was following you? I chased after you till I got to a yellow house with flower bushes. I thought I saw you through the window, you had a luxurious room catered just to you. I thought I never stood a chance, the only thing I could think of was to give you my brand new plushy!"

pink Shiba Inu plushie

     "So that adorable gift was meant for me? I had fallen asleep behind a thick row of flowers, and ran away as soon as you came!" Gloria recalled.

     There was only one thing left to ask. Peter looked down at his paws before looking Gloria right in the eyes asking, "Gloria, will you play with me?"

     "Of course! I would love to play with you! Catch me if you can!

     Fred and Martha started hanging out more and more often which gave Peter and Gloria many opportunities to play and chase each other. Love bloomed, he put a ring on it, and their families grew. And they all played happily ever after

Happy Valentines Day!
We hope you enjoyed this short story inspired by Valentine's Day, stay tuned for more and check out our store.

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