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❤️Valentine's Story Part 1 - A Shiba Short Story

It's story time! This is a segment for those who enjoy reading online short-stories. What better way to kick off the series than with a Valentine's day-inspired Shiba Story!


     Once upon a day, there was a smooth Shiba. His name was Peter. Much fluffy. Many fast. He was the big potato! He was the dog every Hooman wanted to pet. He was too good for them all, yet he graced them with the privilege of petting him. 

     Once upon the same day there was a cute Shiba. Her name was Gloria. Very amaze. So beauty. She had a playful, caring demeanor. She loved how the Hoomans tried to chase her but couldn't catch her. 

     These two Shibas met while on a walk. Peter was sitting in the middle of the side walk when a cute Shiba ran past him, followed by a Hooman wearing a long red coat. He instantly admired how the cute Shiba seemed to be gaining distance between her Hooman. "She's the one I've been looking for!", he said to himself, "Many cute!" 

     Peter stood up and began to follow cute Shiba's scent. He tracked it all around town, leaving his Hooman behind. He came to a yellow house bordered with many flowers. He looked through a low window and saw her laying in a super plushy bed with a blanket studded with sparkly crystals. "Much expensive!", Peter said with dismay, "How could I convince her to play with me?"

     He darted home with racing thoughts in his mind, "Wow!" When he arrived he saw his Hooman pacing back and forward, completely ignoring Peters arrival, at least he didn't want to squish his face this time! Peter looked around his disheveled room at his torn up toys and frayed balls, what could he do? How could he ever impress the cute Shiba?

pink shiba inu plushy stuffy

     My new plushy! Peter remembered how much fun he had tearing plushies apart seam by seam, surely the cute Shiba would enjoy it as much as he did. Quickly he grabbed the brand new plushy, still in the plastic and bolted over to the yellow house in the dark. Taking a deep whiff of her scent, he knocked on the door with his tail. Just as quickly as he knocked, nervousness creeped up his legs and he hid behind a bush of flowers. He saw a beam of light before the plushy disappeared with a glimpse of a bushy tail. 

     Peter suddenly remembered that this Cute Shiba had no idea who he was and that he had missed his opportunity to introduce himself. He went home with his tail low. His Hooman Fred was happy to see him this time, and Peter needed some cuddles, so he jumped on his lap. Fred began to tell a story of chocolates, hearts, and flowers. "Heckin flowers" Peter said to himself as he remembered the flower bush he cowardly hid behind. Fred continued to talk as Peter jumped down and went to bed.

     The next evening his Hooman Fred came home, with much excite! He waved a little paper in his hand and kissed it! "Peter my boy! You won't believe what luck I had today! I met this girl and...she's new, but...I asked her...and...she gave me her address!" Fred froze, "Eee! But how do I tell her I like her? Will she think I'm a creep? ...I'm stuck between a hard place and the friend zone..." 

Poor Hooman! Poor Doge! 

     They both got in the car and drove to a new neighborhood. All the houses were painted the same light blue and every yard had one single tree. They stopped in front of a house that looked identical to the rest. Fred had a heart shaped box and a bouquet of red roses with baby's breath in his hands and sighed. "I better leave them behind for now." Peter stayed in the car while his Hooman walked up to the door and knocked.


* To Be Continued
Valentine's Story Part 2 will be released tomorrow!

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