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The Silhouette Collection

There is something so eye-catching about a hollowed shape on a contrasting background. Silhouette simple means outline, but the word is often more specific than this definition! Often the word silhouette is used when describing a blacked out image of a tree and landscape against a beautiful sunset sky.


Our brains subconsciously fill in the missing pieces of the hidden image. When we stumbled upon the idea for the silhouette pieces in our HappyShibe collection we immediately saw clean lines, class, a design that would compliment any color or style. 

You can check out the awesome collection here

 Shiba Inu Silhouette Clutch Purse - HappyShibe  

Sometimes less is not as fun, but less can be more! How?

 1. Less is More... Practical: 

How many times have we purchased that cute eccentric pair of jeans, shoes, skirt, etc. only to ever where it, "someday". You think "oh, this will look perfect with this.." you try it on and it doesn't quite mesh. Week after week you do this and years later you find yourself attached to an item that has never been loyal to you!

2. Less is More... Versatile: 

Black and white if I'm right probably matches at least 50% of your wardrobe. It goes with monochrome themes as well as complimenting colorful ones. It lets you add one more accessory without being 'too much'

If you enjoy more funky colorful pieces, might I turn your attention to our Blue Sky and other designs.

left side of a triangle print shiba inu backpackyellow shiba inu tote bag with a red strapshiba inu pu leather wallet bright blueUnisex Shiba Inu Tshirt -Party Print - HappyShibe

3. Less is More... Time for other things: 

Now that you have grabbed the Silhouette clutch, you don't have to put anymore thought into whether or not it "matches" your outfit...there is an 80% chance that it does!

There we have it.

Now that we have discovered the benefits of the simple chic design, what can our silhouette tote, clutch, and other items do for you? They can give you the simple sophisticated look. They can make a statement of classy taste, and they look good with you where ever you go!

 white tote bag with a shiba inu silhouette and a black strap


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