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Shiba Stories ~ MJ

Another week, you know what that means. It's time for another Shiba Story! This week we will be looking at MJ, from the fast growing instagram page @barklikemike!ūüėé Q: How did you meet MJ? A: My boyfriend always wanted a¬†Shiba¬†Inu, and when we saw MJ, we knew he was the one. Q: How old is MJ¬†now? A: MJ is almost five months! He was just 3 pounds when we brought him home, but now he is a hearty 10 pounds.¬† Q: What is MJ's¬†personality/temperament like? A: MJ loves attention! He is so sweet and loves activity, but will stop whenever he sees a human on a walk. He loves to be pet and be told how beautiful he is. He's...

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Shiba Stories ~ Saku And Kuma

It's a new week so you know what that means. Time for another Shiba Story! This week we will be introducing to you Saku and Kuma! You can find more about and follow the adventures of these two adorable Shibas on the instagram page @mrttybo. Now let's get into the interview!   Q: Where did you meet Saku and Kuma? A: I met Saku and Kuma online on a breeders website but the first time I met them was at the airport when I picked them up for the first time. Q:How old is Saku, Kuma? A: Saku is 3 years and Kuma is 1.5 years old  Q: What are their temperaments like? A: Saku is very social and tolerant...

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Shiba Stories ~ Indy

This will be the beginning of a weekly series called Shiba Stories, where we will be interviewing a Shiba Inu owner about their fur friend. This weeks Shiba is named Indy! 

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