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Shiba Stories ~ Nami

We still enjoy reading all of the interviews we have received from awesome Shiba owners all across the globe! Up next we learn about the delightful and intelligent Nami! Nami's human gives valuable insight into what it is to care for the Shiba breed in general! I believe question 6 of this interview will give you greater insight if you are looking to love a Shiba Inu of your own! 

Shiba Stories happyshibe own a shiba inu

Q. How did you meet your shiba?
A. I saw Nami’s puppy picture from her breeder’s website. The first time I saw her, I thought “That’s my dog.”
Q. How old is your shiba now?
A. She is 1 year and 3 months.
Q. What is your shibas personality/temperament like?
A. She’s aloof to most humans and she’s scared of unfamiliar people and things. She’s definitely more confident around dogs - she prefers other dogs’ companies over mine.  She has a happy personality overall and sound-sensitive.
Q. What is your shibas favorite toy/activity?
A. She loves playing with other dogs and digging into her toy box to dig for, then eat the treats we hide in it.
Q. Can you recall a fun story/memory with your shiba?
A. She jumped on my bed and suspiciously got off it. When I asked her what she did, she looked at me, walked over to the direction of her crate, came back and dropped a quarter in front of me. She looked very proud of herself!
Q. What would you have to say to a person who is looking in to adopting a shiba inu?

 A. I believe that Shiba Inus are extremely smart - they know exactly what you want them to do and they learn it very quickly.  You will have a tough time convincing your Shiba to obey, but that’s normal - most Shibas are like that.  Stubborn and independent; I’m more surprised about cuddly Shibas than I am about Shibas who do not cuddle - most like their own space and will show affection for their humans in different ways.  The Shiba Inu challenges what the average person thinks they know about dogs.

Thank you for giving your time and sharing Nami with us! We hope you enjoy your week. Thanks for reading! 

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