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Shiba Stories ~ MJ

Another week, you know what that means. It's time for another Shiba Story! This week we will be looking at MJ, from the fast growing instagram page @barklikemike!😎
adorable cute shiba inu in front of water
Q: How did you meet MJ?
A: My boyfriend always wanted a Shiba Inu, and when we saw MJ, we knew he was the one.
Q: How old is MJ now?
A: MJ is almost five months! He was just 3 pounds when we brought him home, but now he is a hearty 10 pounds. 
Q: What is MJ's personality/temperament like?
A: MJ loves attention! He is so sweet and loves activity, but will stop whenever he sees a human on a walk. He loves to be pet and be told how beautiful he is. He's so funny! 
Q: What is MJ's favorite toy/activity?
A: MJ loves his twin! His stuffed, toy fox is so adorable and MJ snuggles with him every night.
Q: Can you recall a fun story/memory with MJ?
A: Every day with MJ is the best day. He always keeps us smiling and laughing. One of MJ's most endearing and adorable qualities is his love for attention. If I wait to throw the ball back for him to chase, he will hide under the couch and bark until I play with him again. It is so adorable. 
Thank you again to @barklikemike for the collaboration on this interview! Definitely follow this shiba on instagram for more adorable and fun adventures!
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