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Shiba Stories ~ Jack

Hello Friends!
     Another week, another Shiba Story! This week our interview comes from a reddit user from the r/shiba reddit group! Let's dive right in!

Shiba inu temperament shiba inu interview

Q: How did you meet your shiba?

A: I met my Shiba about a week before my sister’s 17th birthday. My brother came home one night at something like 1 in the morning with a dog on a leash. We had never owned a dog before, and he had asked us if we would like one awhile back – but this was sudden and it had escaped from all of our memories until now. It was an exciting and somewhat nerve wracking first night with the dog, but I’m glad it happened because he’s the best companion we’ve ever had 

Q: How old is he now?

A: We think he’s about 3 and a half years old but we don’t know for sure. I’d love to know exactly, but for now his birthday can be the same as my sister’s.

Q: What is your shibas personality/temperament like?

A: Jack’s really aloof. He’s not too cuddly; doesn’t very much go for affectionate hugs or pets or anything likes that. He likes to chill on his own with a nice toy to chew on… until someone comes home who he hasn’t seen in awhile. Then, he goes absolutely nuts – starts running around the house at roughly 12% of the speed of light. It really is a spectacle to behold.

Q: What is his favorite toy/activity?

A: His current favorite toy is his red fleece blankie. He absolutely ADORES to play tug of war with that thing, and he really puts up a good fight. Lmao

 Q: Do you have a funny/memorable story about Jack?

A: Idk if I should say this, but it’s pretty funny so I will. I remember once I was out walking him around the neighborhood, and this female white dog, smaller than he is, comes up to us and starts barking real fiercely. Jack doesn’t really seem to care or notice at all, so the dog gets closer and a bit more aggressive. Jack’s response? He walks up to the dog, lifts up his leg, and pisses all over the other dog’s face. And he just walks away like nothing happened. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen him do.

Q: What would you say to a person that is looking to adopt a shiba inu?

A: To anyone whos looking to adopt a Shiba, I would say first of all, you don’t necessarily need a TON of experience with dog ownership to have one, like most people would tell you. You do need to be patient, and you can’t let the dog walk over you. But you don’t have to be Cesar Millan. You can just have your common sense and let Google help you out every once in awhile, ya know? 

                              …that being said, again, I’m no Cesar Millan. So maybe check out other people’s advice as well, lol. Shoutouts to /r/Shiba by the way, they’re a very helpful community with that kind of stuff.

    Thank you again to r/shiba for responding and agreeing to the interviews. We hope you enjoyed it! Wow, maybe there is something we can learn from Jack's reaction to the white dog! xD There are certainly more interviews to come!
The purpose of these interviews is to help people better understand shiba inus what they are like and their different temperaments and personalities. Comment below if you have a suggestion on different questions to ask dog owners in the near future!


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