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Shiba Stories ~ Indy

This will be the beginning of a weekly series called Shiba Stories, here we will be interviewing a Shiba Inu owner about their fur friend. This weeks Shiba is named Indy! You can follow Indy and her adventures on her fast growing instagram page @shiba.indy  Now to the questions! 

Shiba Inu Looking up at camera

Q: How did you meet Indy?

A: I met Indy wen I went to see a litter of Shiba pups, the litter had actually all sold but I was advised of someone nearby who had a litter. That's when I met Indy at 2 weeks old.


Q:How old is she now?

A: Indy is 10 weeks old now


Q:What is Indy's Personality/temperament like?

A: She's a sassy Shiba, full of energy and loves to play but very stubborn! She's cute when she's tired and not driving me crazy.😂

Q: What is Indy's favorite toy/activity?

A: Her favorite toy is her Owl Teddy, she loves to rest her head on it when she sleeps

Q: Can you recall a fund story/memory with Indy?

A:Her first time playing with water! She loved it, kept trying to bite it. 😂


Our goal of these weekly blogs is to help people understand and get to know what shiba inus are like and to become more familiar with the breed as a whole. Would you like to have your shiba inu featured? If so feel free to send us an email to where we will be able to get in touch with you and send the interview questions. Thanks for reading! 



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