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Shiba Stories ~ Elwin

We have enjoyed reading all of the interviews we have received from awesome shiba owners all across the globe! Up next we learn about the cute and cuddly Elwin, this little shiba comes from somebody on the r/shiba reddit group! According to Elwin's mom, it is worth the investment of time and energy to love a shiba of your own! Read the following interview to learn all about it! See if it doesn't just warm your heart! ❤️

Shiba Stories happy shibe shiba inu

Q. How did you meet your shiba?
A. We saw a posting that 3 Shiba's needed a home. After contacting the listed phone number, We scheduled a meeting. Once we arrived at the house, we were greeted by three little cuties. After sitting on the floor & playing with the girls for about an hour(or two). We started to really enjoy the first born and runt. Elwin became ours when cuddled into her new dad's arms & fell asleep. 

Q. How old is your shiba now?

Elwin is a little bit over a year old. She was born April 2017

Q. What is your shibas personality/temperament like?
A. Elwin plays hard & loves hard. She is very sweet and loving. If you let her, she will give lots of kisses. Also one of her nicknames is turd-bird. 
Q. What is your shibas favorite toy/activity?
A. Elwin loves a good 3 am party. That includes squeaking all things & running around. If she is in her "room" (aka her crate) she will sing for an hour or so. She is very good at snowing the house with stuffing. She does daily door stop tests. Elwin likes to 1-3 times a day walk up to the door stop spring and hit it. Once she has played/ partied to her hearts content. Then, we get our cute cuddly girl. She also loves sitting in the window. Elwin loves to do tricks, fully knowing treats come next.
Q. Can you recall a fun story/memory with your shiba? (Ready for this story? 🤣)
A. Elwin has always Enjoyed caves, hiding and adventures. Once Elwin had graduated from sleeping in her "room" every night, she started sleeping under the bed. It was cute and all she did was sleep. We were okay with that. One morning,I woke up thinking we were having an earthquake. I sat up to realize that it was only the bed shaking. As I looked around, I started to hear a weird sound that paired with the shaking. I looked at the window to try to find Elwin. I shouted "Elwin!" the shaking stopped. I look under the bed & don't see her. In a panic now, I run around the house trying to find her. I go back to the bedroom & the bed is shaking again. I tiptoed over to the bed slowly. I get completely on the floor and found Elwin. She created a bunk bed. She made a hole in the box spring. Crawled into the hole she made & was enjoying her secret room. Now we have the bed & box spring on the floor.  we laugh about it now.
Q. What would you have to say to a person who is looking in to adopting a shiba inu?
A. Shiba's are pretty and wonderful. They are not a starter dog. Even the best shibes can not be off leashed. There strength is not listening. They are smart and will test you all the time. If you can be strong willed every day. If you can spend hours every day playing, walking, training and constantly getting your limits pushed. It's worth it. 
Wow! Thank you Jessica for sharing your beautiful girl with Happy Shibe this week! Do you have similar experiences with your dog? What breed is it and whats your favorite dog story?

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