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All Things Fluffy

These Are A Few Of The Fluffiest Things!

We have complied a short list of today's hottest fluffiest things. Of course this is just our opinion, but there is no doubt about how trendy some of the topics are! From the lovable shiba inu, to the ultimate fluffy pancakes, these are a few of our favorite fluffy things!

Shiba inus

The squishy faced Doge have a thick fluffy fur coat that makes it irresistibly cute! Our site is all about Shiba Inus, because you can't have too much Shibe! There is just something so special about having a companion that can respond to you with its own personality. You feel connected and compelled to take care of them even if they are a little stubborn!


Soft, fluffy and squishy, this is our favorite Shiba Inu Plushie It has a springiness to it that makes you want to squish it! This easy to care for pet makes the perfect pillow. Oh and the fabric is so soft on the top, and a little fuzzy on the bottom.

brown smiling shiba inu plushy with eyes openpink shiba inu plushy with closed eyes

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Though you cannot touch this condensed mass of water vapor, who can deny the fluffiness of cumulus clouds! Am I right? Candy for the eyes!

Cotton Candy

Speaking of clouds… this sweet treat is a cloud you can touch! Fine spun strands of sugar lightly laced around each other.  Check out this favorite cotton candy art!  Ever made cotton candy with your favorite hard candy? Check out this video

Baby Chicks

Holding a soft, fluffy baby chick is quite the experience. They feel so safe an cozy in your hands. These little guys are so trusting when they are little! Unfortunately they don't stay little and start to lose their fluffy appearance after a few weeks!

Japanese Fluffy Pancakes    

When it comes to everything fluffy, Japan is a one stop shop! Fluffy Japanese pancakes are a yummy work of art! Are you daring enough to give this recipe a try! Recipe here


Yes! Fluffy Slime is a thing! This squishy slime has taken the internet by storm. You can find YouTube full of how tos and Instagram is full of pages dedicated making this soft 'cloud like' slime with creative twist. It is hard not to get sucked into all the pretty colors and the sensory feelings just watching other people play with it brings!  I found a well laid out recipe for you to try equipped with pictures and a video.

What are your favorite fluffy things? Leave a comment below!

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  • Crystal

    This post is really cool! Cloud are my favorite! I think of whipped cream as edible clouds! Lol :D

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